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25.05.2012 - Added a new article on Alternativa3D 8

Compilation of Alternativa3D from source codes

17.05.2012 - Shadow demo allows to explore properties of shadow object in real time

See Shadow demo

12.05.2012 - Sources of Alternativa3D have been updated

New version 8.30.0 on GitHub


26.04.2012 - Documentation on AlternativaGUI has been updated

GUIobject and ActiveObject - the base classes

Creating a text label

16.04.2012 - Sources of Alternativa3D have been updated

New version with shadows from omni light source on GitHub

06.04.2012 - AlternativaGUI 5.21 update

AlternativaGUI RoadMap

29.03.2012 - Alternativa3D 8 is out in Open Source!

Go to the source code

07.03.2012 - AlternativaPhysics has been updated

Download AlternativaPhysics 2.3.1

AlternativaPhysics RoadMap

Documentation on AlternativaPhysics

01.03.2012 - Alternativa3D 8.27.0 with shadows and alpha-test

Download Alternativa3D 8.27.0

Alternativa3D RoadMap

Shadow Demo

[edit] Introducing

On this wiki we want to gather as much information about:

At present, there are already many articles on the basics of working with the AlternativaPlatform company's products. Information is regularly updated. However, we welcome any assistance for the development of a wiki. You can contribute by posting your own articles, or supplementing and correcting the articles of other users. Thus, you will make a huge contribution to the development of public AlternativaPlatform company projects.

If you want to be an editor of AlternativaPlatform wiki - send your request to

What is Alternativa3D and why it is needed can be found here. The latest version is the 8th version, which supports hardware acceleration.

Information about the library AlternativaGUI can be read here. Tutorials on the use of AlternativaGUI are collected in the appropriate category.

The history and comparison of versions:

You can find instructions on setting development tools at these articles:

[edit] Content

Manuals - Description of features AlternativaPlatform products

Tutorials - Tutorials on the use of AlternativaPlatform products

Examples - sources and demo examples using AlternativaPlatform products

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